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Quality Assurance Manager

  • Full-time

  • Description: Ability to work in a team environment with members of varying skill levels. Highly motivated individual and quick learner. 

  • Responsibilities: Must keep up to date with FDA, BRC and HACCP regulations. Ensure that current policies are followed.

  • Requirements: At least 1 year experience in the food industry 

  • Education:  Preferred- Associate's/Bachelors Degree in Nutrition or Food Industry related field

  • To apply, please fill and submit the form. After submission, you will be prompted to send your resume.

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Maintenance Lead

This position requires regular attendance and punctuality in accordance with Company policies. Additionally, the ability to interact well with other employees and work overtime, as necessary, is required. Needed to work ASAP

Job Position (Including but not limited to):

  1. Building repairs - paint, change light fixtures, patch floors and walls, replace ceiling tiles

  2. Clean equipment before and after repairs

  3. Keep the maintenance room clean and organized

  4. Assist with major repairs with outside contractors

  5. Clean equipment that requires special care

  6. Work with power hand tools; drill, saws, sanders

  7. Driving to store for supplies

  8. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  9. Complete tasks on time
  10. Overtime, when needed
  11. Able to climb ladder to roof top
  12. Stand for long periods of time
  13. Able to work in fast-paced environment

Education & Experience

  1. At least 6 months of employment
  2. Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  3. Have a valid driving license

SHIFT HOURS: 9 AM - 5:30 PM MONDAY - FRIDAY occasional weekends and overtime required

Starting at $14

Visit our office to fill out an application or submit the form at the top of this page.
Our office is located at 1370 West San Marcos Boulevard, San Marcos CA 92078